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Welcome Home

Photo by FK Photography

Hello and welcome to Howard Street! I’m excited to finally launch my blog to share my own little piece of the world with you. After getting married to my wonderful husband in 2014, and buying our dream home in 2015, I wanted to have a bit of a creative outlet – this blog is the result of that.

Howard Street is the location of our beautiful Victorian dream house (built circa 1883) that serves as my inspiration to be the best modern-day homemaker I can be. I love cooking, antique hunting, makeup, outdoor adventures, travel, and all sorts of home beautification projects. I may not be an expert in any of these fields, but I hope you follow along in my attempts, and suggest new projects for me to take on!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you check out my future posts. If you have any great project ideas, recipe requests, or any other great topics for me to cover, please let me know!




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