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Hey all!

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with Joanna Gaines (of HGTV’s Fixer Upper) and her style. She has this effortless ability to see past the condition of a house and imagine a beautiful paradise for her clients to thrive in. She can take a random assortment of antiques, jars, and local greenery and make a room look magical. She has the touch, and I’m jealous. Plus, her and husband Chip have a gorgeous house, an adorable family, and a relationship that is beyond cute. I love watching her show, and watch (and re-watch) episodes trying to steal some decor ideas to put in my own house.

After a weekend shopping trip, and the recent announcement of another local estate auction (woohoo!), I started to look at my space again hoping to find some empty space that would need filling. During this little review of my decor items and trying to decide what I will put on my shopping list for the Spring/Summer, I thought I would share with you my own Fixer Upper style finds, and some links so you can try to find your own fabulous items!


From the photo at the top of the post, I included two sets  of my favourite things in the house. I’ve also included a close up shot above. At the left, I have the Welcome sign (Whimsy – Fredericton), glass cake stand (Winners), glass soap bottles (Winners), chicken butter dish (Antique – estate auction), white pitcher (Winners), faux boxwood arrangement (Winners). On the right I have a photo of my little coffee bar- the dresser is an auction find, the deer head (Winners – I think?), wire basket (I honestly don’t remember…), bunny dish (Winners), silver platter (wedding gift), “Today is going to be awesome” print (Winners) and Mr. and Mrs. Bowes sign is custom from Lavish Olive Studios.


Elsewhere in the house I have a few more favourite things scattered about. The deacon’s bench in my entry is an auction find, with pillows from Winners, with a painting from a local artist. The large crock holds some throws in my living room and was (you guessed it!) an auction score. I found the coat tree at a local furniture store (Renaud’s Brand Source), and I styled it with a fedora and a jacket. The wood shelf behind it was purchased way before we owned the house, so unfortunately I forget where it came from.

You can probably detect some trends in these items. I love items that are old, or at least look old and full of character. You can find metal, ceramics, glass, wood, and fabrics galore in home decor stores all over. Luckily, I’m not the only one who loves the Fixer Upper look in their home! Look for weathered wood, hand-painting, interesting ceramic and glass items (teacups, bottles, pitchers, cake stands, etc.), chicken wire, paintings, burlap, wreaths (floral, grapevine, boxwood, etc), old advertisements or distressed signs, interesting colours (antique glass comes in every shade under the rainbow), and try things out that catch your eye! Even if an item isn’t perfect, it can still find purpose in your home. You can paint or stain furniture, and sometimes a good cleaning is all a piece needs to be beautiful again.

Another suggestion is to look at items for a purpose other than their intended use. That way you get more use out of that pitcher than to just hold your lemonade. Throw some flowers in it, tall utensils, or paint brushes. Don’t want to read that old book? Put a collection of figurines on it, or stack it with a few other random books to round off a bare space on your mantle, or on a table. That ceramic crock I took a picture of can hold blankets, but it could also house toys, purses, or an evergreen arrangement at Christmas. Hey, even if you try out an item and hate it as a utensil holder/toy catcher/alternative vase as long as you like the thing by its self, it will always hold a place in your home  – even if its just as a decorative piece with no purpose.

Below I’m including some links to great sources of this Fixer Upper style. Don’t forget to check your local favorite home decor stores, gift shops, auctions, antique stores, and of course, Winners, Marshalls, and Home Sense for lots and lots of style inspiration. Sometimes the best items can come from the least likely places, so I fully encourage you to try some treasure hunting and check out a new place over the Spring and Summer months. As always, feel free to share your own rustic/antique finds with me as well. I would love to get some new ideas from my readers.

Happy Hunting!

Suggested Shopping/Inspiration:

Magnolia Market (Joanna Gaines’ site – US)   Wayfair – Canada

The Urban Nest      Haute Look – US       Beyond the Rack

Lavish Olive Studios – Etsy




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