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Hey all!

I was recently going through my makeup bag and thought I should do a little review on some of my recent liquid lipstick purchases. Lipstick is a beauty item that I have a bit of a fickle relationship with. I love the *idea* of lipstick – it makes you look put together, it can brighten up your look, and its sort of a classic makeup item that I associate with my Mom and Grandmothers. The problem with this is: #1- lipstick can be hard to put on depending on the colour and #2- if you don’t have a lifestyle or a job where you can constantly check on your lipstick application, you can look more like a hot mess than a fancy lady if it doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to. As a result of many trial and error lipstick applications, I now have a pretty rigid requirement for my lipstick. My lipstick must stay where it’s put, it shouldn’t smudge all over my face if I eat or drink (within reason), and it should look nice while doing the other two things. So, over the years, I have gone through a lot of lipsticks. These newer liquid lipstick varieties are making my life a little easier, and I have been feeling brave enough to venture outside my normal nude lip.

Swatches (top to bottom): Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in So Cute, NYX Cream Lipstick in Tea & Cookies, Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Craft

My first pick is the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick which I picked up from my local Shoppers Drug Mart in the shade Tea & Cookies, which is a pretty nude-pink hybrid. This stuff is easy to put on, and the shade isn’t so dark that accuracy is really that important (although NYX has lots of very dark shades that may make application a little harder for some). This stuff is creamy, but does dry on your lips so there is a bit of staying power. On me, it would stay on for a few hours, but certainly not the “stay all day” lipstick that I would like. For the price, this is a great pick for a pretty matte lipstick, and a great way to try a daring bold colour of the moment without sacrificing colour or quality.

From Sephora, my next pick is the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. This stuff is a little more pricey, but the colour is gorgeous (and has a cult following) and the lipstick itself lasts. Maybe not after shoving multiple pastries into your mouth, but it lasts during more dainty eating and drinking. I would describe the colour as sort of a sexy terracotta nude, if that makes sense to anyone else. There are also 25 other colours available in this lipstick besides Lolita, and judging from the reviews on Sephora, this lipstick is a favourite of many. It does dry on your lips, so if you have any issues with particularly dry lips, maybe pack a moisturizing balm along with the lipstick in your bag.

When I saw that this next lipstick was available in-store in Sephora, I almost screamed. No lie, no shame. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick ( I got it in the colour Craft) has been all over YouTube and Instagram for some time now, but you couldn’t get it here in Canada (well, not unless you wanted to pay US dollars, duty, and shipping…) until recently. This lipstick is probably my favourite of the bunch. The colour has super staying power and I feel like this lipstick may just be good enough to stay all day, even on me when I’m working, drinking coffee, and maybe even while eating a bagel on the road. In fact, when I colour swatched these lipsticks for you (see above), the Anastasia Beverly Hills colour stayed on my hand, even after multiple washings, until I finally wiped it off with a makeup wipe a full day after I swatched. Sure, it may not last perfectly on your lips for 24 hours straight, but I would feel comfortable with it on for quite awhile before I would go check on my lips in a mirror. Like the Kat Von D lipstick, it can be a little drying, but I just pair it with some moisturizing balm, and I’m good to go.

As a bonus, I thought I would also share my thoughts on the Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in So Cute. Yes, this whole product line is very in demand right now due to its limited launches, and its connection to Kylie Jenner herself, so people (myself included) are mostly just excited to even get a tube of this product. I like this gloss, it smells nice, and the colour is pretty true to the tube. I was a little disappointed at how light the gloss actually was on my skintone, but that was a fault of my decision making skills under the pressure of buying the gloss, and has nothing to do with the actual gloss. Another point to make in favour of this gloss (and the product line in general) is that Kylie is committed to her product. I purchased the gloss under its first online launch, and found out after the fact that the brushes were faulty. My brush is all kinds of mangled and was when I opened the box the first time. However, I just decided to still use the product with a normal lip brush and be happy I got a tube of it at all. I then noticed on Instagram that her company account had made a post regarding a change to the gloss brushes, and that she would be sending a new tube of product to everyone who had purchased from the first launch. Sure enough, I got a shipping email from the company regarding a new tube of gloss for free and its in the mail now on its way to me. So, if you are lucky enough to grab a tube of the gloss or lipstick (which I hear is awesome as well), give it a try. I have no issues with it so far, and I am happy that the company took the initiative to send its customers a replacement product as well. As for advice on how to snag a tube of the gloss? Just check the release information on the Kylie Cosmetics website or Instagram account, and get your computer/phone/iPad ready for that time. They go fast!

I hope this post gives you some ideas on some new liquid lipsticks to try out the next time you are out looking for a new product. If you have a lipstick you love and want to share, let me know in the comments! I am hoping to have a special Mother’s Day post ready for you before the weekend so until then, have a great week and I will see you again soon!



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