Cavendish P.E.I. and Camping Necessities

Happy Monday!

I just returned from a nice long weekend away with my little family, and wanted to share some snapshots from our vacation to Prince Edward Island. I also thought it may be a good idea to share my list of camping bonus items you may want to pack with you before your next trip! Over time you discover products that come in handy when you are away from home, and these few things are in my “must have” list when I head out in our camper.

Of course, one must pack all the necessities, especially when camping – either in a tent or in an RV or camper. You need clothing (for warm and cool weather, and plan for rain too!), toiletries, dishes & utensils, bedding/sleeping bags, food/drinks, and of course the required tools and gear for your camp. It’s a lot to remember, but if you plan accordingly, make a list, and pack in advance where possible – making that family camping trip happen isn’t much harder than any other trip away.

Besides those necessary items, it is also nice to have the bonus kit – things you may not think of, but can totally come in handy when camping. After camping since I was a little girl, and now going camping with friends/kids/dogs as an adult – I can say with some experience that these are items that totally come in handy, but often get forgotten in your packing list.


  • First Aid Kit: It doesn’t have to be huge, but have some antiseptic, cotton pads, band-aids, gauze, and an ice/heat bag on hand. Also know the emergency number where you are staying if you’re going out of the country.
  • Children’s Benadryl: You can get the adults version if you are only travelling with adults, but I prefer the children’s kind as kids/dogs/grown-ups can all take it. You may want to talk to your doctor/pharmacist or vet if you have any concerns with dosing, but most people/dogs can safely take Benadryl. I often just Google dosing online for non-human patients, as I know many people who have safely given it to their dogs. This item may seem funny but it has come in handy more than once for us! There are a lot of bugs and posion plants out there 😉
  • Sunscreen and After Sun Balm/Aloe Vera: These should be self-explanatory, but don’t forget them!
  • Bug Spray & After Bite: Again, these should be necessities (for most places in North America anyway) but don’t forget them! You may also want to pack a few kinds of bug spray depending on who you’re travelling with – family friendly bug spray and heavy-duty bug spray are both good to have on hand.
  • Q-Tips: Good for cleaning ears, and First Aid!
  • Baby Wipes: I always have baby wipes on hand! They are great for taking off makeup, wiping up spills, getting dirt off things, and cleaning grimy hands/other body parts. Plus, the empty containers make great storage boxes.
  • Scented spray/Air Fresheners: These are totally optional – but if you have a camper with a bathroom inside, you probably know why we have these on hand. It can get quite stinky in the camper very quickly! I picked up a Yankee Candle air freshener with gel beads inside, and I think its a great product to have on hand. They are spill proof and don’t over-scent the small bathroom area. However, I’m sure there are natural methods around too, if you don’t like using chemical products. I’m thinking baking soda in a mason jar with air holes punched in the top would be something to try as well!
  • Duct Tape: Because things fall apart sometimes, and it can also be used to amuse little ones – turn the duct tape inside out to make a bracelet and then get them to have a “treasure hunt” for pretty plants/rocks to stick on it. Just watch out for those poisonous plants!

Did I miss any items that you find to be a necessity when camping? Let me know in the Comments!

All in all, our camping trip to Cavendish was a great weekend getaway. PEI National Park is a beautiful spot, close to all sorts of family friendly attractions, and has lots of walking/biking trails! There are also beautiful beaches nearby, delicious places to eat, and of course, breathtaking scenery around every corner. If you are planning your summer trip and think it may be a spot you’d like to check out, you can get more information from Parks Canada.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend 🙂

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