Painting Fun!

Hey All!

Autumn is upon us. The kids have gone back to school here, and people are also returning to their normal lives without the fun of vacations and weekend getaways. I have been busy with weddings, get-togethers, and camping fun myself. However, I’ve also been busying myself with a new obsession – painting furniture. A few people I know have been painting all sorts of things in the past year or so, and I’ve been curious to the process, but also a little afraid of it. I’m not sure where this resistance to painting furniture comes from, but a little voice inside of me always screams “you can’t paint that! it’s perfectly good the way it is!”. Lately, I’ve silenced that inner voice and now I just want to remake everything in sight!

I have a desk at home that I love, but it wasn’t really fitting with my vision for my home office. The room was dark and almost verging onto masculine with its burgundy/mint/tan/ colour scheme and smoky grey walls. The desk is pretty solid and was a dark brown – almost black- stain with nickel pulls. It was time to bite the bullet and get over my fear of paint to transform this piece and add a little light to my space!

The desk before paint – dark and dreary!

Luckily, we’ve been blessed in my neck of the woods that a beautiful little store called Crackle and Teal has opened up recently. They carry revamped furniture, home goods, gifts, and two brands of paint – one of them being Fusion Mineral Paint. (If you’re not from Northern New Brunswick and want to get in on this wonderful product, there are tons of retailers in the Maritimes. Just check out their webpage and find a retailer close to you, or online!) For this project a purchased a quart of the Champlain paint, a Fusion paint brush, and some of the Tough Coat. I also went back afterwards to buy some new drawer pulls to really jazz up my project! From that one jar of paint I was able to do 3 coats on my desk, as well as do a coat on another project I’m currently working on – so it’s really quite a good product for coverage!

Painting furniture with Fusion paint is super easy – just sand to de-gloss your item (my desk was quite glossy so I used a palm sander), and get painting! As I said previously, I used three coats of paint on the desk to get the coverage I wanted. You could easily do this whole project over a day or two, but I worked on it over a period of about four days. I quite enjoyed this process as it gave me something to look forward to after a busy work day, and I hustled to get my work done so I could go and paint! My first coat was quite sloppy, but I did this on purpose, just to get some coverage on the piece and set up base for the other two coats to adhere to. Here is the desk after one coat:


As you can see, it covers quite well on the dark stain of the wood. With my next two coats I took a little more care and tried to even out the surface as I painted. Believe me, I am not good at painting things, and this turned out quite nice! After my third coat dried, I applied the Tough Coat on top with a clean microfibre cloth. Just wipe on until your surface is covered and it acts as a sealant to your work so it stands up to more wear. After everything was dried I installed my new knobs and it was all done. I also picked up a cute little chair at Crackle and Teal to replace my wobbly old one. Here’s the finished product!


I still have some work to do in my office to make it my dream workspace and I will be sure to share the finished product with you. However, I’m shocked at how much brighter the room is now that this desk got a facelift, and I’m more than happy to sit here every day to do my work. After this project, I can wholeheartedly encourage you to tackle that piece in your home, or to makeover an auction or antique store find. It’s not as scary as you may imagine, and after you start you may find yourself (like me) itching to do another piece as soon as possible!

As always, this project and my opinions are a result of my own wallet and experiences – no sponsors here! When I have a great time with a product and business I want to share with my readers.  🙂

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and are settling into your school year groove again. I hope to have some more blog posts ready for you soon!


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