From Door to Headboard – with Fresco


Hey All!

I’ve promised more projects as the Fall approaches, and I’m certainly beginning to fulfill  that for you as of late. Here is another furniture makeover! I hadn’t had a headboard on our bed since we’ve purchased our home – which was almost a year ago. Woops! King sized headboards are expensive or had to be ordered which always sort of turned me off of getting one online or custom made. I figured I could make one for cheaper myself, and this project certainly delivered on that. I found the old door at Antiques Plus (a great shop I talked a bit about in this post) and the products used to paint and refinish are all from Fusion Mineral Paint which I picked up from Crackle and Teal. If you want to learn some more about Fusion Mineral Paint or Crackle and Teal, you can also check out my last blog about my first painting experience here.

First things first, I had to change the door into a headboard. I am not very good at using many power tools, and I’m also not great at building things. So, I enlisted the help of my very patient Mother who pretty much put the whole thing together for me. Thanks Mom! Her method of building the headboard was to screw some cedar boards to the back of the door at the height that I wanted the door to stand. Then she screwed some smaller pieces of wood to the sides of those boards to brace the headboard to the metal bedframe so a large screw and bolt could fasten the two together on each side. This process was pretty straightforward and was enough to support the old door – so it worked just fine for my purposes.

The Headboard – Before

Then I had to decide how I wanted to paint the headboard. As is, the headboard was painted white, was a little beat up and not so pretty. I wanted to make it look weathered and have that “shabby chic” feel and also make it fit my decor. Upon a visit to Crackle and Teal I was told all about a new Fusion Mineral Paint product called Fresco. This is a powder that you add to your paint to give wonderful, old-European style texture to your surface. As this is a new product, I read a bit about it on the Fusion website and watched their video on Facebook. Having an idea of how I wanted to proceed, I started painting!

Some close-ups of that awesome Fresco texture I keep talking about…

After sanding and cleaning off my headboard, I mixed some Fresco with the Champlain colour of Fusion paint. I strongly suggest you play with your portions when mixing the Fresco to paint to get the effect you want. If you’re like me and decide to add it in later, it makes sanding quite a job as this stuff dries like concrete! So after my primary coat with Champlain + Fresco I proceeded to paint the whole door a coat of Champness (slightly watered down as I was worried I wouldn’t have enough) and then a coat of Lily Pond. At the end I painted the door a coat of Champlain and then another coat of Champlain + Fresco which I mixed quite thick so I would get lots and lots of texture. After leaving this to dry, I (attempted) to wet sand and then use a medium grit sanding block to get my under layers of pretty blue/green to peek through. However, like I said, having put the top coat of Fresco on the headboard made it quite hard to sand and I broke out the palm sander to finish the job. My suggestion would be to sand when the Fresco coat isn’t completely dry, or to get that amount of texture with your first coat, and then you should be ok to sand like normal and not have to break out the heavy equipment. 😉

Stages of Painting: Champlain + Fresco, Champness, Lily Pond, and the door after the last coat of Champlain + Fresco

When the headboard was sanded to my satisfaction I then put a few coats of Tough Coat on top to seal everything in. Just so you know: If you’re refinishing any painted furniture that pre-dates the 1970s you should always use a poly-based sealer on top, as there is probably some old lead based paint on your item somewhere!image5

Finished Product!

All in all, I am happy with my finished product. It was a fun project to do, and I really like the effect that Fresco gives to the headboard with all its wonderful texture and weathered look. I feel like my door now looks like it came from a wind-swept coast, and not from an antique store! Now to work on the “look” of my bed – I think I need to get some more pillows and a fresh duvet on there to match the dreamy look of the rest of my room. Any suggestions?


Now that summer has pretty well ended, I’m going to be working on lots of other blog posts for you soon. If you have any requests of things you’d like me to cover, or topics you’d like to see more of, please let me know as I’d love to hear from you. Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

PS: As I said in my last painting blog post, I paid for all the supplies used in this post out of my own pocket and all the opinions stated are my own!

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