Pretty Painted Pumpkins


Hey Guys!

You *may* have noticed that I have been on a bit of a painting binge in my last few posts. I honestly didn’t see that one coming, but now that I’ve started I am constantly searching for painting projects! With this post I’m hoping to inspire you to take on your own easy, quick (like I’m talking a few hours tops), and super cute pumpkin painting project. ‘Tis the season, after all!

I picked up this super cute set of locally made wood pumpkins at Crackle and Teal, but you can also paint faux foam pumpkins (check out department stores or craft stores for those), or even real pumpkins if you don’t mind your work being thrown out in a few weeks. Then, pick your paint (I used Fusion Mineral paint) and any other medium you may want to incorporate – paper, glitter, studs, crystals, etc. I actually used a few pieces of twine that the pumpkins were bundled in to make some “pumpkin vine”…I’ll explain below. The colours I chose for my pumpkins included Cathedral Taupe (rear pumpkin), Inglenook (middle pumpkin), and Little Piggy (front pumpkin).


After painting my pumpkins my chosen colours, I started making the “pumpkin vine” – a.k.a. those curly thingies that you see sometimes on more rustic looking pumpkin decor. I did this by simply coating the twine in mod podge and then tightly wrapping the twine around an old pencil and letting it dry. I did this at both ends of a small piece of twine so I would have enough room to wrap the twine around the little twig pumpkin stem. I saw this method somewhere either on Pinterest or in a magazine and I can’t remember where!


And the pumpkins with the “pumpkin vine” in place…


I love my cute little wood pumpkins and am so glad I decided to take on this quick and easy little project. I chose sort of neutral colours that would match my Kitchen, but I know that isn’t everyone’s style. So, in attempt to further inspire you, I’ve found three wonderful links to other sites that showcase a whole variety of pretty pumpkins for you to DIY! I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick post and let me know if you attempt a pretty pumpkin makeover of your own. Thanks for stopping by!


Lolly Jane – 33 Decorative Painted Pumpkin Ideas!


Sincerely Sara D – Unique Ways to Decorate Pumpkins


Woman’s Day – 30 Fun Painted Pumpkin Ideas for the Best-Ever Halloween


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