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Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey All!

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada is winding down, and I never managed to get you any delicious recipes, or any other goodies before it was turkey time! My apologies, but I’m sure you all can appreciate that its a busy weekend meant to be spent with family and friends – which is exactly how the weekend slipped away from me so quickly.

In any case, it is still Autumn, so that means that many of these recipes can still be whipped out for your next family dinner, or even as a special treat to celebrate this beautiful time of year. I made two desserts this weekend and both turned out wonderful! I’ll share those with you in this post, as well as two other links that I think you may enjoy. If you’re an American reader, you still have LOTS of time to try these out before your big turkey dinner, so I guess that’s a bright side to my tardy posting. 😉

So from my home to yours, I hope you all had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving weekend filled with lots of treats and quality time with your loved ones. I am thankful for my family & home, and of course – for you, my readers. Thanks for the support & thanks for checking in!

  1. Just Add Sprinkles – No Bake Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie – I made this one for turkey dinner on Sunday, and it turned out great! Everyone seemed to enjoy the light taste that the cream cheese/Cool Whip/marshmallow Fluff added to the traditional pumpkin pie. This one is also super easy to throw together, but give yourself enough time for your Cool Whip to thaw out, as well as enough time for the pie to firm up before serving.
  2. Yammie’s Noshery – Cream Cheese Apple Coffee Cake – This was another dish I made for the weekend, and it also turned out very well! I first discovered this amazing dessert through a savvy little baker in the family who brought this to a family supper about a month ago. We all agreed that this was one of our favourite desserts ever – with the apple-cinnamon flavouring, plus the cream cheese filling and crumbly brown sugar topping. If you make anything from this list, I’d encourage you to try this recipe!
  3. Dime and a Prayer – Best Cranberry Relish Ever! – I also included this recipe in my weekend breakdown as it is a family favourite that my Grammy always used to make for turkey dinners. Fresh cranberry and orange is how cranberry sauce is supposed to taste. Don’t get me wrong, I love the canned cranberry jelly too, but this stuff is almost as quick and so much healthier! When I made it, I used almost a full bag of cranberries, 3/4 of an orange, and about a 1/2 cup of sugar. You can adjust the ratios to your taste.
  4. Just a Little Bit of Bacon – Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Mustard Panini – This is a *bonus* recipe that I haven’t tried, but doesn’t it sound amazing? Use up those leftovers and make this creation. Yum!

Thanks again for checking in. Happy holiday Monday!

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