Getting Dry Skin Ready!


Hey Everyone!

Since today had a chill in the air, I thought it may be time to do a mini post on my favourite cold weather skin care products. In cold climates like we have on the East Coast of Canada, dry skin is a way of life for most of the year (otherwise known as winter), and then still has a slightly lesser role in the Summer from windburn and sunburn. I know most people have their favourite products to whip out once the cold hits, but if you’re like me, you’re always wondering what else is out there. Confession: I am a product addict and I love to try all sorts of body/beauty/skincare lines to see what is available, and to see if I can find *the holy grail* of products. To date, the following are my favourites to use to keep my skin soft & flake-free, as well as my hair from having too many fly-aways. What are your favourites for cold weather use? Comment below, on my Facebook page, or by e-mail and let me know! Have a great week! 🙂


Exfoliation – These products are all great at sloughing off all that dead skin so you can moisturize and soften the new skin underneath. For body you can try a salt scrub or a sugar scrub for gentle exfoliation. There is a ton of selection for these types of products, and two of my favourites are Moonsnail Soapworks’ Himalayan Rock Salt Body Polish that is made in Prince Edward Island, as well as the sugar scrub from  The Sweet Soaperie which is made in Miramichi! For my face, I love the Peter Thomas Roth Firm-X Peeling Gel, which is an enzymatic exfoliant (ie: no scrubby things in it) that exfoliates so well you can actually see the dead skin coming off of your face – kinda gross, but still cool. This product is more expensive than some people want to spend, but I use it sparingly and it has lasted me quite a while.


Moisturize – One lotion that I have tried many varieties of, and have always enjoyed the texture and scent of is the Hempz lotion that is a staple at many beauty salons and spas. This stuff absorbs quite quickly and never feels sticky on my skin, which is something I always look for in a body lotion. Another must have for my dry Winter skin is the Barefoot Venus Hand Repair cream that I picked up at the Urban Nest. They have a variety of yummy scents in the Hand Repair formula, and I’d have to say that my favourite is the Maple Blondie which smells like an amazing cookie. For my hair, I have fallen in love with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner. This is certainly not a new product (my mother tells me this has been around forever), but it works so well! It also smells amazing (coconut scent) and is a bargain beauty buy that you can usually pick up in department and drug stores for only a few dollars (I have recently found it at Wal Mart). Bonus item not in the photo: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask – this stuff SAVED my dry, cracked lips last winter, and I may have to break down and buy another tube if I cannot find my one from last year! It also tastes pretty good which never hurts. 😉

Thanks for stopping in, and don’t forget to drop me a line and let me know what you love to keep that dry skin at bay!


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