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Christmas Cookies – Part 1


Hey All!

Sorry for the delay on this post, but it’s the same old story on my end: busy at work, and busy trying to get things done before the big day comes! I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here. Every year it seems to creep up on me, even though I see the date rapidly approaching on the calendar. Luckily, all my shopping is done (I think I have one more thing to grab) and my work week is almost over too. Then it will be time to truly enjoy the season – spending time with family and friends, listening to Christmas music, and relaxing! As there is still a *few* more days until Santa comes, you may still have a chance to throw some Christmas cookies together to enjoy over the holidays – today we will start with a few of my traditional favourites.


Lebkuchen (Spicy German Christmas cookies): Lebkuchen are somewhat of a mix between a gingerbread and a fruit cake (maybe?) and are a very traditional holiday cookie that date back to around the 13th century. They are still made in Germany, and until this year, I would always have manufactured Lebkuchen that were imported. However, thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe from One Acre Vintage Homestead here.

I put the cookies together as per the instructions, but I will warn you of a few things. #1: Don’t make your cookies too big like I did – then you will have to cook them for longer and they will get tough. #2: If you do happen to make them too big, you will find this fact out when you go to put the cookies on a cooling rack and they droop over the sides – like very sad cookies. Maybe do a test batch and see how you make out with an 8 minute cooking time (as per the recipe) and then make the cookies smaller as you need to. #3: You need to make the glaze too! It adds an extra layer of citrus flavour and is probably one of my favourite parts of the cookie.

All in all, this cookie probably isn’t for everyone – I probably scared you with the gingerbread/fruit cake description in the first place – right? However, if you love the traditional old-school flavours of Christmas, or like a more savory taste – these may be worth a try!


Peanut Butter Balls: The idea is super simple, and super tasty. Peanut butter + chocolate + rice krispies = delish Christmas treat. This recipe was also a Pinterest find, via Idaho Mom.

These are very quick and easy to throw together, and are the perfect activity for little hands to help out with! I didn’t so much enjoy hand rolling the sticky peanut butter balls out, but for kids, this may be a super fun way to help out with the holiday baking. Also, make sure you have lots of chocolate on hand for dipping the PB balls in – I used 2 bars of melted Baker’s chocolate and about a bag of melted chocolate chips as well – mind you, my PB balls were a tad oversized  😉

My little helper/Cookie Security 😉

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Christmas cookie posts. I’m hoping to get a few more up before the big day comes. I hope you enjoy these two cookie recipes in the mean time, and let me know if you attempt either!

Thanks for stopping in! 🙂


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