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Christmas Cookies Part 2


Hi there!

As per my promise from yesterday’s blog post, here’s part 2 of my Christmas cookies line up for this year. These two treats are even easier than the Lebkuchen and Peanut Butter Balls I talked about yesterday, and are super tasty! Enough talking, and time for more cookies 🙂


Mocha Cakes/Squares: These little goodies are an old time family favourite that my Grammy always used to put together (in massive quantities) for Christmas. I wasn’t able to find any recipes on Pinterest to share, except one titled Peanut Cake Squares from Taste of Home in which the author attributes the recipe to an Irish Family she worked for. Instead of making a cake base, as per this recipe, I choose to use pre-made un-iced pound cake from the grocery store (sneaky!) as the base for these squares, and then make my own icing. I did reference the recipe for the icing recipe, but I adapted it as I thought I would need. My adaptation is as follows:

  • 3 cups of icing sugar
  • 1/3 cup of milk
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • a sprinkle of salt

You then just mix the ingredients together until smooth. This was enough icing for one block of pound cake cut into bite sized squares. I had about 24 squares, minus a few that were sacrificed as snacks. You will also need a topping for the squares, I chose shredded coconut, but you can also use finely chopped peanuts for this as well. If you want to be fancy, you could tint your coconut festive colours, but just make sure you have separate icing bowls for each colour – so they don’t bleed together and make a mess.


To assemble, you just need to dunk each cake cube in the icing, and then dunk it in your topping of choice. I used a fork to lower the cube in the icing and roll it around and then to transfer it to the topping. Yes, this is messy, and yes, little kids would most likely love to do this step for you. You can use a wire cooling rack with some foil or parchment paper underneath to let the icing firm up. I fondly remember my Grandfather diligently dunking the cake cubes in the icing at Christmas time and making a huge mess – anything to help Grammy out!


Christmas Crack: This is another easy snack to make in large quantities, and most folks love it! It combines salty, sweet, and toffee – which makes it a perfect Christmas treat! I referenced Suburban Simplicity’s recipe for Saltine Toffee here and then added my own spin – instead of topping the chocolate layer with pecans, I used a bag of Skor bites for an extra toffee layer. After you assemble the toffee, pop it in the fridge to cool and then break the toffee into pieces!


Well, I hope you enjoy the second section of my Christmas cookie posts! Both of these treats are easy to throw together in an afternoon, and are sure to be crowd pleasers! I’m hoping to do another cookie post before Christmas comes, so fingers crossed my “to-do” list for the holidays cooperates!

Have a wonderful evening 🙂


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