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My Grown Up Christmas List: Hearth & Hand With Magnolia

Hey Y’all!

So, yesterday was the release of the much buzzed about Hearth & Hand With Magnolia collection at Target. Of course, this collection was designed by my design heroes, Joanna and Chip Gaines of the Fixer Upper HGTV series, so I knew I had to get online and check it out. HOWEVER – Target is not shipping any of this line internationally (at this time anyway), so unless I make my way down to the States, or get someone to ship some stuff up to the Great White North, I’m left sadly scrolling through all of the gorgeous, affordable items that this line has to offer. Not only does the H&H line have beautiful, rustic household items, they even have some accessories, toys, pet items, and even PJs. Best of all, they have adorable Christmas items! As a result of this Target visual binging, I’m making a little round-up of “the-stuff-I-would-buy-if-I-could-go-to-Target”. All items are linked below, if you are so lucky to be going to Target!

Photos via
  1. Pompom Holiday Stocking
  2. Artificial Lamb Ear and White Berry Wreath
  3. Advent Calendar with Galvanized Envelopes
  4. Tote Bag
  5. Merry Christmas Embroidered Throw Pillow
  6. Wooden Toy Tool Bench
  7. Artificial Pine Wreath with Bell

Are there any Magnolia must haves that you will be checking out if you can get down to Target? Or does this just inspire your DIY side like it is doing to me?! Let me know what you think in the comments, or on Facebook.

Have a great Monday night, folks!

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