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Being Your Best Self in 2018 – Tips from an Esthetician

{Note: This is the second post in the series: Being Your Best Self in 2018. Melissa Scott is the owner of Blush Beauty Bar Inc. which is Miramichi’s newest esthetics/hair studio. Please visit their Facebook page for more information on their products and services. You can also book an appointment here.}

~Drink Your Water – This should go without saying! The human body is mostly water, and our skin, hair, and other parts need water to look their best. Water is also very important to the production of collagen which is one of the main parts of our skin – and is what makes your skin look plump and healthy. Lots of people spend serious cash to restore their lost collagen as they age – so take care of yours!

~Wear Your Sunscreen – Every day! Just do it! We know the risks of sun exposure, and unfortunately, they don’t stop when the thermometer drops. Lots of moisturizers now offer options with sunscreen built in, so you really have no excuse. If your excuse is “well I want to get a tan” – I have a solution for you – Self tanner! Our new Loving Tan line is amazing and looks very natural.

~Take Care of Your Skin – Your skin is the first thing people see, and sometimes it acts up. If you have problem skin, its important to take care of it so you can look your best. Take off your makeup at the end of the day, eat nutritious foods, drink your water, and take care of your health. Your skin will thank you. If it doesn’t? Well, that’s what estheticians are here for. We have a full menu of treatments and products to help your skin bounce back from whatever you have thrown at it. We also offer Environ Skin Care treatments and products so you can start a whole new cycle of fantastic skin in 2018. Environ’s DF machine infuses vitamins into your skin’s dermis level and changes cellular behaviour and communication – which completely transforms your skin as a result. Equivalent to 40 at-home treatments in one hour, this amazing machine can fix years of skin damage in as little as 6 treatments – its like taking your skin to the gym!

~Take Care of Yourself – If you find yourself constantly stressed, that can also affect your skin/hair/nails/body. Make it a resolution in 2018 to treat yourself from time to time – that may mean taking care of your skin, meeting up with girlfriends for a glass of wine, or getting a pedicure once a month. Whatever it may be, find your happy place and try to visit there more often. If you aren’t your best self, you can’t be your best self for others.

{Thank you so much to Melissa for contributing her beauty expertise to this series! Make sure to check out Blush Beauty Bar Inc on Facebook, or book through the Vagaro system here. As always, I would love to hear from you – comment below or check out the Homemaking on Howard Facebook page}

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