Being Your Best Self in 2018: Life Lessons from the Yogi

{Note: This is the fifth post in the series: Being Your Best Self in 2018. Vanessa McEvoy is the owner of The Yoga Block, which is a beautiful, welcoming yoga studio and boutique in Miramichi. Vanessa completed her 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Training at the Ajarya Yoga School in Rishikesh, India and has since opened up The Yoga Block to expand the love of yoga in her hometown. Besides yoga, there are also all sorts of alternative health and therapy classes available at the studio – including regular meditation sessions, and pop-up classes from other area practitioners. You can also visit The Yoga Block’s Facebook page here.}

Tips to be your best YOU!

  • Do LESS self judging – Love who you are because you are perfect being you! When we learn to love ourselves we have an easier time finding inner stillness and inviting peace into our lives. Whisper to yourself: “I love you and this is my home within” seriously, do it!!
  • Do LESS negative talk – When your mind is going down that dark alley, bring it back, take a deep breath and give yourself a smile. You deserve to be happy, know that!
  • Do LESS worrying – Trust the beautiful journey you are on and manifest the things you want most in this life. Ask the universe and accept what comes with open arms!
  • Do LESS over-committing – Try not to spread yourself too thin; put your energy into meaningful extracurriculars and social events. You are amazing and people deserve your full awareness when they’re around you and will adore your sincere interaction – trust me this will go a long way! When you need a break, take it and take care of yourself.
  • Do LESS wanting and just do it! Set your attentions and go after your dreams, you have the power within you! Never second guess yourself, your ideas, hopes and dreams. There’s a reason these thoughts resonate – decipher if they’re resonating from the heart or the ego.
  • Do LESS screen time – Get out more, take in fresh air everyday, listen to the trees, the birds, or even traffic! Look up, see the skies, the stars and the moon. Seek beauty in everything that surrounds you: open the mindful eye and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!

Oh, and don’t forget to floss!



{Thank you so much to Vanessa for taking the time to contribute to our series! Isn’t it nice to hear that you should be doing less in your life for once?! Don’t forget you can check out The Yoga Block online, on Facebook, or check out their class schedule here. As always, you can connect with me via the comments section, or on the Homemaking on Howard Facebook page. Have a great Family Day weekend, all!}


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