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Being Your Best Self in 2018: The Round Up



Well folks, the end of the Being Your Best Self in 2018 has come. We were very lucky to hear from five local experts (and myself on the intro) on a variety of topics, and how their advice can make your life a little better in 2018. I thought it would be helpful to do a little round-up of their posts, and my favourite tips from each that I’ve been incorporating into my routine. Be sure to click through to read the whole blog post, and check out the Facebook pages for each of our authors as well. Here we go!

Post One: Being Your Best Self in 2018 – A Blog Series (written by myself): “Take some time for yourself – If you aren’t happy and recharged you often aren’t much good to those that need you. You are more stressed out, have a shorter temper, and can’t think logically at times. Step back, take an hour to yourself and just enjoy some quiet. The people in your life will thank you!”

Post Two: Being Your Best Self in 2018 – Tips from a Naturopathic Doctor (by Dr. Colleen Lehnert, ND): “Hydrotherapy is another excellent option for improving energy, circulation and immune function. If you have been a patient of mine, you will know that I recommend contrast showers to almost every person that walks through the door! Contrast showers are a quick, easy way to boost your energy for the day.”

Post Three: Being Your Best Self in 2018 – Tips from an Esthetician (by Melissa Scott of Blush Beauty Bar Inc.): “Drink Your Water – This should go without saying! The human body is mostly water, and our skin, hair, and other parts need water to look their best. Water is also very important to the production of collagen which is one of the main parts of our skin – and is what makes your skin look plump and healthy. Lots of people spend serious cash to restore their lost collagen as they age – so take care of yours!”

Post Four: Being Your Best Self in 2018 – A Dietitian’s Take on New Year’s Resolutions (by Kortney Patriquin, RD): “I work with clients one on one, gradually over time to help them find their “best diet”. Sometimes, that’s a diet that includes pizza Fridays, Chinese food, lunches out with the girls. It’s the diet that best suits that individual that helps them live their best life, eating their best food and finding their best weight.”

Post Five: Being Your Best Self in 2018 – Life After Baby (by Brooke Hamilton of The New Mrs. Hamilton blog/BDH Films): on Treating Yourself To Something New – “For most of us, losing the extra baby weight doesn’t happen over night. But instead of waiting until you fit back into your regular clothes, I would suggest treating yourself to one new outfit right away. No, it’s not the regular size or style that you would normally buy, but having something new to wear can make you feel a little more excited to get dressed in the morning.”

Post Six: Being Your Best Self in 2018: Life Lessons from the Yogi (by Vanessa McEvoy of The Yoga Block): “Do LESS screen time – Get out more, take in fresh air everyday, listen to the trees, the birds, or even traffic! Look up, see the skies, the stars and the moon. Seek beauty in everything that surrounds you: open the mindful eye and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!”

Thank you so much to Colleen, Melissa, Kortney, Brooke, and Vanessa for their expertise and taking the time to share their wisdom with us all! I hope this blog series was helpful to you to expand your horizons and make your life a little better in the ten-ish months of 2018 we have left. Remember that it only takes a small change in your routine to make a big impact on your life. Best wishes to you all & be sure to “Like” Homemaking on Howard on Facebook to keep up with all of my future posts!

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