Botanical Print Hack

Ok guys, here’s some real talk…

I started this blog post a month ago and life totally got in the way. It has been sitting in my draft folder just hoping it would someday get finished and published. 😦

When I originally wrote this there was still snow on the ground and I was lamenting that Spring would never come. Now, Spring has sprung…and my decor (and house) wants to do the same. It is Spring cleaning time, and I’m totally ready to get out my more summer-y decor items and bring a little freshness into my home. I have recently been admiring these vintage-style botanical prints that are all over Instagram decor accounts, and are very Joanna Gaines-esque. Any time I would see them online for sale, or in store,  I would always hesitate at the cost of them – why is framed art so expensive?

Here are a couple examples via Wayfair.ca:

See what I mean? They are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I figured there was a better way. This is where the “hack” part of the article comes in. I would call it a “project” but picking up 2 items and putting them together is hardly a project. Read on below!


First off, pick your print. I was lucky enough that my favourite DIY store, Crackle and Teal starting carrying these gorgeous Cavallini papers. There is a ton of different patterns available, and they are available in many different countries as well (hi to all my international readers)! Check out the beauty here:

Cavallini Papers via Crackle and Teal’s Instagram @crackleandteal

Next it’s time to find a frame. Luckily, I have found a budget friendly place for larger sized frames – Ikea! The RIBBA frame in the 50cm x 70cm size is perfect for these prints. I simply removed the display paper and mat and stuck the Cavallini paper in. Look at these beauties!

Alternatively, you can get one of the Cavallini poster hanging kits, and hang your poster, like this gorgeous songbird print that is hanging in my bedroom…


Now, guess what the total budget of this project is (including taxes)? Under $30 (CDN$) each! Now, that cost is depending on who you purchase your materials from…this is what I paid for mine – for either format (frame or poster hanging kit). Compared to some of the retail prices on similar style vintage botanical prints, this is a total steal. Plus, if you only like one of the flowers on the print, or want a series of smaller frames for a narrow space – you can totally customize your print and cut out and frame the parts you love best – or create your own art with clippings from various papers! Get tired of flowers? There are so many gorgeous prints available, it is just as easy to pop out one paper for another in your frame to change it up for a different season or a switch in your decor.

I hope you enjoyed this hack for a cost effective way to add some Spring colour to your walls with help from Crackle and Teal and some handy-dandy IKEA picture frames. I love finding cost-effective ways to add beauty to my home, and I hope you do too.

Happy (almost) Victoria Day weekend to my Canadian readers. Play safe and have fun!

3 thoughts on “Botanical Print Hack

  1. Love the Ribba frame, so clean and simple. Cavallini Papers are so versatile. Keep those creative juices flowin’! Thank you for your continued support 😊


  2. I always lament the fact that botanical prints are so expensive. I don’t know why I never thought to try something like scrapbooking paper…. What a genius idea!


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