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Cooking with Fresh Basil

Hello all! For tonight’s blog post I thought I would share a yummy new recipe I’ve recently come across and an old favourite – both featuring the aromatic earthy-sweet scent of fresh basil. The first recipe is called Roasted Cherry Tomato Penne with Italian Sausage and Fresh Basil from Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen, which features… Continue reading Cooking with Fresh Basil

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Christmas Cookies Part 2

Hi there! As per my promise from yesterday’s blog post, here’s part 2 of my Christmas cookies line up for this year. These two treats are even easier than the Lebkuchen and Peanut Butter Balls I talked about yesterday, and are super tasty! Enough talking, and time for more cookies 🙂 Mocha Cakes/Squares: These little… Continue reading Christmas Cookies Part 2